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Portable Headspace Analyzer (MAP)


Gasboard-3210plus is an advanced portable gas analyzer for headspace gas testing in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). It is developed based on non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology and Zirconia sensor technology. The CO2 measurement adopts NDIR technology, which measures CO2 level with high-accuracy readings and ensures a lifetime more than 10 years. And O2 measurement is based on Zirconia sensor technology, which not only evaluates the volume of O2 accurately but also enables long lifetime of 5 years and fast response time less than 7 seconds.

For the convenience of application, Gasboard-3210plus is designed with a high-quality 5-inch color touchscreen and combined with intuitive user-friendly Ul interface. Gasboard-3210plus supports scanning camera, Wi-Fi communication, Android operating system, and reliable data storage with large storage capacity, which ensures easy and smart data management. Additionally, Gasboard-3210plus' highly sensitive flow monitoring and alarm design prevents erroneous data operation. Combined with a large capability lithium battery and fast charging ability, Gasboard-3210plus can also provide longer usage time of more than 2500 measurements.

Due to its high accuracy, easy operation, intelligent data management and cost-effective benefits, Gasboard-3210plus can be applied for gas analysis and control in a variety of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) production lines.

  • Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) and Zirconia sensor technologies ensure high-precision CO2 and O2 measurements.
  • Fast response time <7s.
  • Minimum sample volume of 10ml.
  • Flow monitoring and alarming design avoids wrong operation data.
  • Equipped with needle protection/storage device.
  • Large capability lithium battery with fast charging to support over 2500 measurements.
  • Samples information can be tracked by scanning barcodes.
  • Android operating system and Wi-Fi data transmitting for convenient operation.
Components O2: Zirconia;CO2: NDIR
Range 0~100%
Accuracy O2: ±0.1% Abs. or 2% of reading;CO2: ±2.0%vol
Resolution O2/CO2: 0.1%
Sample volume 5~10ml
Sampling time 7s
Temperature -10~50
Humidity 5% ~95% RH
Communication 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Data storage 3000 measurement data
Lifetime 5 years
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Battery
(Capable of Over 2500 Measurement)
Dimension L104*W187.5*H72mm


① 100 pcs membranes

② 10 pcs air needles

③ 10 pcs water filters

④ Different power plug options

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