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Portable Gas Analyzer for MAP


Gasboard-3210Plus is a handheld type gas analyzer based on NIDR and electrochemical technology. It has the advantages of fast and accurate measurement of Oxygen or combined Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide  in different shapes and sizes of Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP). This gas analyzer is easy to use and maintenance, with user-friendly interfaces and large capacity of date storage. It's an ideal instrument of improving MAP quality control.


• Suitable for testing the content of O2 and CO2 in modified atmosphere packaging bags with non-negative pressure for coffee, cheese, milk tea, milk powder, bread, bean powder, ready-to-eat food, medicine and so on.
• Suitable for testing the content of O2 and CO2 in canned coffee, canned milk powder, canned food, cheese, Tetra Pak, beverage and other packaging containers.
• Suitable for testing the content O2 and CO2 in headspace of ampoule bottle.

  • High precision and fast response NDIR sensor for CO2 measurement
  • Minimum sample volume required
  • Improve quality control of MAP(Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
  • Easy replacement of sensors
  • Easy calibration for maintenance
  • Automatic data recording to prevent data loss
  • Large capacity of data storage
  • Compact design, user friendly
Measurements O2 CO2
Technology ECD NDIR
Measuring  Range 0-100.0% 0-100.0%
Accuracy (at 1% O2 and 20% CO2) ±0.25% (Abs) ±0.3% (Abs)
Resolution 0.01% 0.01%
Sample Volume 15 ml 15 ml
Sample Time T90 8s 8s
Sensor Lifetime >3 years >10 years
Output RS485
Power Supply 3000 measurements once battery fully charged
Display 3.2 Inch
Memory 2500 jobs
Size L276x W195xH66(mm)
Certificate CE, RoHS compliance

For more details, please feel free to contact our sales: info@gasanalyzer.com.cn.
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