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Ultrasonic Biogas Flowmeter

BF-3000B Ultrasonic Biogas Flowmeter is based on technology combination of pressure differential and ultrasonic transit time differential measurement method. With a bypass structure in the flow meter, gas flow in the main line is inferred by measuring the gas flow in the small bypass line, it can effectively solve the problems such as moisture condensation and core parts corrosion,  improve the measurement accuracy and extend life span. 
Segment: Gas Flowmeter
Division: Ultrasonic Biogas Flowmeter
  • Combination of the pressure differential and ultrasonic transit time differential principle, higher precision & longer lifetime.
  • Measurement in bypass line, eliminate effect from high concentration CO2 and enhance signal quality in big diameter duct application
  • Reduce the interference of flow field distribution uniformity factors.
  • Eliminate the corrosion problem caused by water condensate.
  • Stainless Steel design with stronger corrosion resistance.
  • Low maintenance cost, no effect on main pipeline when installation and maintenance.
  • Low power consumption, battery can be used for more than 5 years.
Applicable pipeline
DN32     DN50      DN80    DN100    DN125   DN150
Flow range (m3/h)

DN32: 3-65;      DN50: 8-160;    DN80: 12-240;

DN100: 20-400; DN125: 30-600;     DN150: 40-800;

Connection interface
Convex flange
Working pressure
(0-200) kPa
Class 1.5
Working temperature
(-10-40) °C
Environment humidity
Power supply

External power supply: Safety Barrier Ui=5V, Li=100mA (main power supply)

Internal battery:3.6V LS26500 (backup power supply)

IP grade

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