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Ultrasonic Biogas Flowmeter

BF-3000 Ultrasonic Biogas Flowmeter can be commonly used with various industrial gas streams(biogas, natural gas, air, etc.), but with special design to enable it withstand the wet and corrosive gas conditions in biogas application.
The built-in temperature and pressure sensors enable to make real time compensation and reach higher accuracy. The unique CH4 composition reading function requires no additional device and input, which making it possible to continuously monitor the biogas quality and quantity with lowest investment.
Segment: Gas Flowmeter
Division: Ultrasonic Biogas Flowmeter
  • No moving parts, no pressure drop.
  • Methane concentration reading in the same unit.
  • Temperature & pressure compensated, high precision.
  • Ultrasonic TOF principle, routine maintenance free.
  • Ceramic coated probe with high corrosion resistance.
  • All-in-one detect probe, provides readings of flow velocity, totalized volume, temperature, pressure and methane concentration directly.
  • Built-in industrial lithium battery for backup power supply.
Applicable pipeline
DN32     DN50    DN80    DN100    DN125    DN150     DN200     DN250     DN300

Flow range (m3/h)

DN32: 3-65       DN50: 8-160       DN80: 12-240       DN100: 20-400       DN125: 30-600

DN150: 40-800       DN200: 80-1600       DN250: 120-2400       DN300: 160-3200

Connection interface
DN32: 1"1/4     DN50: 2"    DN80  DN100  DN125  DN150  DN200  DN250  DN300: Convex flange
Accuracy range
Class 1.5
Working pressure
Working temperature
(-10~40) °C
Environment humidity
≤99% RH
CH4 composition
Range 30-100%VOL, Accuracy±5%FS
Power supply

External power supply: Safety Barrier Ui=5V, Li=100mA (main power supply)

Internal battery:3.6V ER26500(backup power supply)

Explosion-proof level
IP grade

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