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Online Infrared Flue Gas Analyzer


Gasboard-3000Plus is designed with patented Micro-flow infrared technology and able to measure concentration of SO2, NO, CO, CO2, CH4 simultaneously, especially suitable for emission measurement from various stationary sources. Furthermore, it can combine NDUV technology together to measure NO2 directly, which enables Gasboard-3000Plus to realize optical measurement of NO+NO2 at same time. It is an ideal solution in fields for emission monitoring from boilers, power plants, cement plants and refuse incinerators, for combustion efficiency monitoring of industrial furnaces or combustion units, and security monitoring for coal mill or other industrial processes.

PCT/CN NO.: 2018/100767

US Authorization No.: US11079322

  • PCT approved product based on micro-flow NDIR technology to measure low concentration gases. (US Authorization No.: US11079322).
  • Adopting Micro-Flow NDIR gas sensor technology, high precision and long life time.
  • Monitoring low range concentration of SO2, NO, NO2, CO, CO2, CH4.
  • Combined with NDUV technology to measure NO2 directly, which can realize optical measurement of NOX without using NOx converter.
  • No cross interference between measured gases.
  • Sampling flow rate fluctuations have no effect on the measurement results.
  • Accurate measurement of low concentration gas down to 200ppm.
  • Built-in pump to achieve automatic zeroing and good stability.
  • Self-diagnostic function can check sensor status.


Measurement Components
Measurement Technology

SO2/NO/CO:Micro-flow NDIR;  NO2:NDUV;  CO2:NDIR;   O2:ECD

Measurement Range

SO2/NO/CO:(0-200~9999)ppm; NO2:(0-200~500)ppm; CO2/O2:(0~25)%


SO2/NO/CO/NO2: 1ppm  CO2/O2:0.01%

Response time
Flow rate
Power Supply

Cubic-Ruyi provides complete Continuous Emission Monitoring solutions for various industrial stationary sources, including core analyzer or sensor solution for regular pollutants like SO2, NO, NO2, CO, CO2, CH4, O2, as well as all related CEMS integration devices like dust monitor, T. P. F., sampling system and other conditioning devices.

For more details, please feel free to contact our sales: sales@gasanalyzer.com.cn.

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