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Micro Flow NDIR Gas Bench

Gasboard 2105
Gasboard 2105 Micro flow NDIR gas bench adopt independent intellectual property rights and international PCT patent (PCT/CN2018100767) dual‐chamber sensor technology. The gas chamber is composed of the measured gas chamber and the reference gas chamber. The Gasboard‐2105 serials uses a dual chamber structure and special filters to solve environmental temperature instability and aging of electronic components. With improved accuracy, stability and anti‐interference, it is suitable for low range vehicle exhaust emission detection and environmental monitoring.

PCT/CN NO.: 2018/100767

US Authorization No.: US11079322

  • One sensor bench measure one gas
  • Patent (PCT/CN2018100767) dual‐chamber sensor with measured gas and the reference gas for high accuracy
  • Except SO2 and NO, it also can measure CO, CO2,CH4 and SF6
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Built-in moisture adjustment device, eliminate the interference of H2O
  • Measurement range can be customized
  • Good stability and long life

CO: 0〜500/1000/2000/5000ppm,      CO2:0〜500/5000ppm

SO2:  0〜200/5000ppm,     NO: 0〜200/5000ppm,       CH4: 0 〜1000/5000ppm

PS: Components and ranges are can be customized

zero/span drift
Power supply

Mainboard power supply:±12VDC/24W,5VDC/10W

Constant temperature heating power supply:100~240VAC,80W

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