Type: Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Model No.:USM Series

USM Series Ultrasonic Gas Meter is a type of smart meter that adopted transit time differential principle to measure flow velocity of gas medium, suitable for metering of natural gas accumulated volume.

• Advantage of low pressure drop, compact size, light wight and hardly risk of leakage;
• All-in-one detect probe, measure flow rate, temperature, pressure and composition simultaneously;
• Ultrasonic transit time differential principle, wide turn down ratio, high sensitivity;
• Stable performances, noiseless operation, high corrosion resistance, long lifetime;
• No magnetic induction elements, no effect from magnetic field;
• Static metering technology, no moving parts, good accuracy stability in long time operation;
• Digital display, functional and intuitive;
• Low power consumption, in-built Li-ion battery or AA alkaline cell for long time operation, easy for replacement.