Type: Infrared Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector

Model No.:RHB Series

RHB series infrared carbon dioxide alarm detector is used in concentration detection of carbon dioxide and concentration excess alarm. It adopts international advanced NDIR non-dispersed gas analysis technique, CO2  measurement can not be interfered by other gases, it is simple to operate and convenient for carry.

• Proprietary infrared gas analysis technology, with high accuracy, high resolution, long life and easy maintenance.
• High and low alarm settings, two levels of audio and light alarms.
• Automatic zero calibration with air.
• Diffusion-type sampling methods.
• Real-time displaying gas concentration with LED.
• High-capacity rechargeable lithium battery.
• Dual-range setting with high concentrations of CO2 gas leak detection and alarm function.
• Small size, simple operation.

Portable CO2 detector is an ideal instrument with alarm function  to detect the concentration of  CO2, is widely used in:
1. Greenhouses.
2. Fruit/Vegetable Storage.
3. Incubators.
4. Mushroom Farms.
5. Brewing.
6. Ventilation Verification.
7. Carbonated Drink Dispensing.
8. Indoor air quality.
9. Parking areas for safety.