Type: Handheld Infrared Methane Gas Detector

Model No.:JHB Series

JHB series infrared methane alarm detector is in compliance with mining products certification, it is mainly applied in coal mine, natural gas, CBM (Coal bed methane), rubbish filling, sewage treatment, anaerobic fermentation and other fields for CH4 gas leakage detection. Infrared gas filter technique, CH4 measurement can not be interfered by other gas compositions.

•  Independent intellectual property rights of infrared gas analysis technology.
• Dual-range setting with high concentrations of methane gas leak detection and alarm function.
• High and low alarm points can be customized settings.
• Air auto-zero calibration feature.
• Proliferation Sampling.
• Fast response.
• LED digital tube display real-time gas concentrations.
• Rechargeable lithium battery.
• Small size, simple operation.

Portable CH4 detector is an ideal instrument with alarm function  to detect the concentration of  CH4, such as chemical industry, oil & gas storage, mine, metallurgy, liquefied gas station, spray paint, petroleum, fuel gas transport, as well as the leakage of nature gas.