Type: Ship CEMS

Model No.:Gasboard-9085

  In order to protect the environment, the emission gases from the maritime industry are subject to international and national laws and regulation. All of the ship owners should establish compliance with environmental requirements defined by the international Maritime organization (IMO).
  Cubic-Ruiyi is specialized in providing total solution for industry process gas quality and quantity monitoring, with kinds of advanced technology such as NDIR, Micro NDIR, UV DOAS etc.. Inspired by environmental concerns, Cubic Ruiyi Gasbaord-9085 is designed to measure the emission concentration of  SO2, CO2,CO,NO, O2, HC which are contributing to local and global emission challenges. Our shipCEMS is designed for ship owner to prove the compliance with the limits set for airborne pollution in MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI.
  Gasboard-9085 design is based on a careful selection of maritime standard components; hence ship movements, vibrations are attended to during system design. Our solution uses a heated sample treatment throughout to assure measuring the true composi¬tion of the exhaust gas.

  ▪ Pretreatment unit:
  1. KNF sampling pump with capacity of 6L/min is used to provide the sample gas transmission power.
  2. The TF3000 filter with accuracy of 5μm is used to separate the liquid water in the sample gas while filtering the sample gas.
  3. An electronic condenser is used, which contains 2 peristaltic pumps, and the output sample dew point is ≤5 °C to remove the gaseous water contained in the sample gas.
  4. The precision filter with accuracy of 0.1 μm is used before the sample gas inlet to ensure that the sample gas meets the requirements of the analytical instrument.
  ▪ System control unit: With PLC & OMRON intermediate relay to automatically perform sampling, drainage, fault handling and other operations
  ▪ Gas analysis unit: Different technology such as UV DOAS, NDIR, long-life ECD technology can be selected to test SO2, NOX, CO, CO2, HC, O2 concentration in marine exhaust gas or ship emission gas
  ▪ Suitable for monitoring environments with vibration, high temperature and humidity
  ▪ It can realize cyclic monitoring of multiple sampling points
  ▪ Data can be transmitted to the upper centralized control system through a variety of output interfaces, providing real-time basis for remote monitoring and process adjustment

▪ Ship exhaust gas desulfurization process monitoring
 Dry desulfurization process
 Wet scrubbing process
▪ Ship exhaust gas denitration process monitoring
 Selective catalytic reduction process 
 Plasma reduction process
▪ Ship exhaust gas dust removal process monitoring
 Corona discharge electrostatic adsorption technology, cyclone dust removal technology, electrostatic dust removal technology, wet washing technology and other process monitoring
▪ Structural modification and operation parameter optimization monitoring of diesel engine in engine plant