Type: Opacity Meter

Model No.:Gasboard-6010

The Gasboard—6010 opacity meter is used to measure the diesel exhaust smoke by the introduction of a proportion of the vehicle exhaust gasses into the smoke check chamber via a sample probe.  It is equipped with a gas temperature, pressure valve and distribution control cell in order to ensure accuracy and repeatability. It can measure the complete opacity  spectrum from 0-100% in either continuous or free acceleration test mode.

•   Measuring opacity degree N value and light absorption coefficient K of diesel engine.
•   Real-time LCD display of N value and K value
•   Outstanding accuracy, stability and durability
•   Auto-zero calibration with fresh air
•   Equipped with RS232 interface and provides PC software
•   Optional Built-in printer(option)
•   Optional RPM/ Oil temp. measurements
•   Complete standard necessary accessories package
•   Low maintenance rate and easy to operate.

Components and accessories

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Gasboard-6010 Opacity Meter provides a simple and accurate way to detect and measure the opacity of smoke emitted from a diesel engine and vehicle. This model can measure the complete opacity spectrum from 0-100% in either continuous or free acceleration test. The test results can be printed individually on the built-in printer.