Type: Automobile Emission Gas Analyzer

Model No.:Gasboard-3000E

Gasboard-3000E is an analyzer for control of exhaust gases from gasoline, petrol, alcohol or LPG engines. It is developed based on Micro-flow NDIR technology for the measuring CO, CO2, O2 and NO exhaust gases.

•   Simultaneous measuring CO, CO2, NO, HC, O2, Lambda
•   Automatic calculation and display of Lambda and A/F
•   LCD screen and keypad buttons for easier setting and operation.
•   Selection of fuels: petro, LPG, Natural Gas, alcohol
•   Selection of C3-C6 factor
•   Automatic leakage test, blocking test and HC residue test of the sampling line
•   Automatic zeroing and air purge before each measurement circle
•   Optional various type RPM sensors
•   Optional oil temperature measurement probe.
•   Equipped with RS-232C digital serial interface and PC software.
•   Meet GB 18285 standards latest 00 class measuring accuracy.