Type: Micro flow NDIR Gas Bench

Model No.:Gasboard-2100

Gasboard-2100 series micro flow NDIR gas bench adopt independent intellectual property rights and international PCT patent (PCT/CN2018100767) dual-chamber sensor technology. The gas chamber is composed of the measured gas chamber and the reference gas chamber. When the infrared light source is irradiated to the measured gas and reference gas, the signal waveform formed by the micro flow sensor passes through the signal processing system to count the measured gas concentration. The Gasboard-2100 serials uses a dual chamber structure and special filters to solve environmental temperature instability and aging of electronic components. With improved accuracy, stability and anti-interference, it is suitable for low range vehicle exhaust emission detection and environmental monitoring.

Advanced Micro flow NDIR working principle
Measurement range as low as 0~200ppm
Dual chamber for high precision
Modular design for easy integration
Automatic temperature and pressure compensation

Low concentration flue gas monitoring
Motor vehicle exhaust emission test
Chemical plant gas concentration measurement
Combustion boiler emission gas measurement
Biogas fermentation monitoring
Industrial process gas monitoring
Gas Analyzer / System Integration