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Laser Ammonia Slip Gas Analyzer

GasTDL 3000
Laser Ammonia Slip Gas Analyzer GasTDL-3000 adopts tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy technology (TDLAS), which is suitable for online monitoring of ammonia gas concentration at the outlet of denitration process. The system adopts high temperature heat tracing extraction technology, which effectively reduces gas condensation loss. It accurately reflects the changes of escaped ammonia concentration in real time, and provide reliable data support for environmental monitoring.
Segment: Flue Gas Analyzer
Division: Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)
  • No cross interference: use TDLAS technology and adopt the laser wavelength consistent with the measured gas, which is not subject to cross-interference by other gases, and it is easy to detect specific components in the mixed gas.
  • High-precision: the resonance absorption concentration of a specific wavelength is monitored by gas with high precision.
  • Fast response: the response speed is fast, compared with other methods (electrochemistry, semiconductor infrared, etc.) detection, the response time is greatly shortened.
  • Ultra-low range measurement: using multiple reflection gas chamber, low detection limit.
  • Effectively avoid NH3 condensation loss: the gas flow path is heated at high temperatures throughout the entire process, and low-adsorption materials and processing techniques are used to effectively avoid NH3 condensation loss.
  • Extractive measurement: not affected by dust, temperature, and pressure fluctuations in the flue.
  • Easy installation: not restricted by on-site installation conditions, widely used in different fields.
  • Low maintenance: no need for tedious maintenance, easy to apply and calibrate, no need for professional operators.
  • Good environmental adaptability: suitable for harsh environments with high temperature, high humidity, strong corrosion, and dust.
Measurement Component
Measurement Principle
Measurement Range
±1% F.S.
±1% F.S.
Response Time
Ambient Temperature
(-20~+50) °C
Power Supply
220V AC, 50Hz, 800W
Purge Gas Source
(0.4~0.8) MPa compressed air
Output Mode

4 channels 4~20mA output

8 channels relay output

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