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Welcome to visit Cubic-Ruiyi in PALMEX Thailand 2019

Time:22– 23 Aug., 2019

Booth No.:31

Venue:Ambassador City Jomtien, Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand

PALMEX THAILAND 2019 is the only specialized Palm Oil event in Thailand that brings together an international congregation of both upstream and downstream palm oil companies and also its supporting industries gathered in the major palm oil producing of Thailand to showcase the latest developments in the palm oil industry.

Palm oil production generates a lot of sludge and wastewater (Palm Oil Mill Effluent, or POME), a potential source of GHG emissions. POME, containing large amounts of organic material, is a suitable feedstock for digestion. Capture of POME methane could reduce 80% of the common GHG emissions of traditional palm oil production chains. Converting POME emissions to biogas for combustion can produce energy, as well as significantly reduce the climate change impacts of palm oil production. Smart process control and monitoring is proposed to respond to changes in POME composition and conditions for digestion following variations in fruit composition and oil-harvesting efficiency. Vital indicators of the digestion process will to be monitored in order to enhance biogas yields.

Act as the total solution provider for Biogas quality and quantity, Cubic-Ruiyi will show kinds of products includes handheld biogas analyzer, online biogas analyzer, online biogas monitoring system, ultrasonic biogas flow meter, gas transmitter and gas detectors, which can help to monitor & optimize the POME treatment process.

Focus on Biogas quality :

  Infrared Handheld Biogas Analyzer Gasboard-3200Plus

  UV-DOAS Online H2S Gas Analyzer Gasboard-3000UV
to simultaneously measure high and low range H2S

  Online Biogas Monitoring System Gasboard-9060 & Gasboard-3500

  Focus on Biogas quantity:
  Ultrasonic Biogas Flow meter BF-3000 (DN32-DN300)
  Focus on Safety:
  NDIR gas transmitter & Handheld NDIR Gas detector
  We are here to wait for you……

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