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Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument launches new flue gas analyzer at CEM India.

Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument will be available on stand 8.

As one of Chinese leading manufacturers of flue monitoring gas analyzer, Cubic-Ruiyi will show the latest continuous emission monitoring gas analyzer Gasboard 3000UV for industrial processes and emission detection. The new version adopts UV-DOAS technology which can meet requirements of lower range measurement, higher precision and better stability. Gasboard 3000UV has been developed specifically to meet industrial stricter needs.

The core technologies of Cubic-Ruiyi including NDIR, thermal conductivity TCD, UV spectrometer, chemiluminiscence CLD, hydrogen flame FID, ultrasonic and laser Raman. We can offer high cost-effective, flexible and smart analysis solutions for CEMS integration, also provide onsite installation, operation, maintenance service on request.

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