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Portable Infrared Flue Gas Analyzer

Gasboard 3800Plus is new portable type to measure concentration of SO2, NO, CO, CO2 and O2 from stack or boiler emission gases, in which SO2, NO, CO are measured by unique dual beam micro-flow infrared sensors and O2 is measured by long life time electrochemical sensor.

PCT/CN NO.: 2018/100767

US Authorization No.: US11079322

  • PCT approved product based on micro-flow NDIR technology to measure low concentration gases. (US Authorization No.: US11079322).
  • Unique dual beam NDIR micro-flow technology effectively solves the moisture interference to ensure intensity ratio of measurement signal and reference signal is not affected by the ambient temperature and pressure. Its stable performance is very suitable for low-concentration flue gas component monitoring.
  • Non-dispersive NDIR and long life time electrochemical technology to ensure no cross-interference between the measurement gases, its high measurement accuracy and sensor life is longer.
  • It is equipped with integrated sampling probe, heating tube, and imported gas conditioning device removes dust and moisture.
  • Automatic calculation of air coefficient and combustion efficiency.
  • Automatic storage of measurement data.
  • Dot matrix printer and USB communication interface to print real-time and historical data, or directly export the stored data to the USB flash drive.
Gas conditioning device features
  • Stainless steel heating type sampling probe, heating temperature up to 200℃.
  • The probe is equipped with SIC filter element for quick replacement.
  • Sampling probes are available in different lengths (1 or 2 meters) to suit various industrial applications.
  • Heating tube has self-controlled temperature function to keep high temperature of 180℃, it can prevent SO2 gas condensation to loss value.
  • Original imported diaphragm pump, flow rate ≤60L/h.
  • Gas-water separator to separate liquid water in the sample gas.
  • Original Peltier cooler removes gaseous water from sample gas.
  • Equipped with corrosion-resistant and pressure-resistant heat exchanger and independent digital PID controller.
  • After treating, sample gas dew point:≤4℃, dust accuracy: 0.1μm.
Measurement Range

SO2/NO:(0~500~2000) mg/m³

CO:(0~5000) mg/m³


Response Time
Warm-up Time
Power Supply
100~240VAC 80W
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