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Flue Gas Oxygen & Humidity Analyzer

Gasboard 3050

Gasboard-3050 the Humidity & Oxygen Analyzer uses the principle of ceramic zirconia to measure the oxygen content and the content of oxygen and water (gaseous) mixed gas. According to the functional relationship between the oxygen content, the content of oxygen and water (gas) mixture and the sensor output signal, the humidity value and oxygen concentration value are calculated, and the humidity and oxygen concentration signals are output, which can provide an accurate basis for environmental humidity monitoring.

Gasboard-3050 features high accuracy, strong stability and long service life. It is a type of removable oxygen & humidity analyser, providing an ideal flue gas monitoring solution used in the condition of high temperature and humidity. It meets the technical requirements of online continuous flue gas emission monitoring system in regulation.

Segment: Flue Gas Analyzer
Division: Flue Gas Oxygen & Humidity Analyzer
  • Capable of measuring O2 & humidity simultaneously.
  • Detector with heating function, to prevent water condensed on detector.
  • Detector is made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant, which could be used in harsh conditions.
  • Detector is with filter to prevent PM/dust to block the detector
  • With running indicator and error/ alarm switching value output, to monitor the running state of analyzer
  • With 4~20mA analog output and RS232/RS485 communication interface, conveniently integrated
Measurement Technology
Measurement Range
H2O:(0~40)%VOL     O2:(0.1~25)%VOL
H2O:±2%F.S.       O2:±2%F.S.
Response Time
Non ex-proof
Working Mode
Sampling Method
Calibration Period
one year for calibration
Ambient Temperature
Ambient Humidiy
Sample temperature
Sample pressure

±10% of Normal Pressure

(The air outlet should be atmospheric pressure)

Sampling flowrate
(1~5) L/min
Probe connector
G 1/8 inner thread

analyzer: guide rail type

probe: wall mounted

RS485 (Standard) / RS232 (Optional)
Analog output

2 channels 4~20mA output

3 channels relay output

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