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Ultrasonic Flue Gas Flowmeter

Gasboard-7900 is a high temperature ultrasonic flowmeter independently developed by Cubic Instruments. Based on the TOF (Time of Flight) principle of ultrasonic wave, one or more pairs of ultrasonic transmitting and receiving devices are installed in the direction of the upstream and upstream of the medium respectively, and the gas flow rate in the flue is calculated through the time difference of ultrasonic wave transmission, and the volume flow rate of the flue gas is calculated according to the cross-sectional area of the flue  duct.
This flowmeter adopts the non-contact measurement method, which can effectively solve the measurement difficulties such as unstable flow field and uneven flow velocity distribution in the pipeline, and can maintain continuous real-time stable monitoring in the harsh environment of high temperature, high humidity and high dust during the flue gas discharge process.
Segment: Flue Gas Analyzer
Division: Ultrasonic Flue Gas Flowmeter
  • Suitable for acid or wet gas flow measurement, measurement result is not affected by gas composition changes.
  • Large measuring caliber range, support 0.3-12m stack diameter.
  • Ultra-low flow rates measurement with lower detection limit of 0.1m/s.
  • It can be flexibly configured according to requirements, and one or more ultrasonic transceivers can be used for measurement.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials are used in the gas contact part of the whole machine, which can be used under high temperature and corrosion conditions of flue gas.
  • Using high-speed data processor for faster running speed, and equipped with functions of calibration, configuration, query, diagnosis and others.

Measuring Medium
Air, Flue gas and other non-combustible gases
Applicable Stack Diameter
No. of Measuring Channels
Single Channel (2 or 4 Channels optional)
Flue Gas Pressure Range
Flue Gas Temperature Range
-20~480 (°C)
Flue Gas Velocity Range
Accuracy Level
Enviromental Temperature
Power Supply
AC 220V± 10%, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
100W(Measuring Unit)
Signal Output
Protection Grade


The ultrasonic flowmeter can be widely used in the flow rate monitoring at discharge outlets of pollution sources, such as petroleum, coal, electric power, natural gas, steel, building materials, chemical, petrochemical, textile, nonferrous metal, waste incineration etc.

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