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Vehicle Headlight Tester

Gasboard-6100 vehicle headlight tester adopts dual-camera structure and precision optical system for light-seeking positioning and measurement analysis. Combined with digital image processing and motion control technology to form an intelligent measurement system, it completely matches the vehicles headlamp testing requst, such as halogen lamps, xenon lamps, LEDs and various lamp types, and suitable for motor vehicle safety technology/comprehensive performance testing line network testing, automobile manufacturer assembly (quality assurance) testing line and motor vehicle repairing department maintenance testing.
Segment: Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer
Division: Exhaust Gas Analyzer
  • Advanced optical system, detect various parameters of different types headlamps quickly and accurately.
  • Designed with large-screen LCD display ensures easy operation.
  • Automatic discrimination technology greatly eliminates external light interference, and ensures automatic tracking and high accuracy positioning.
  • Powerful software function ensures convenient calibration, and fault self-checking.
Luminous intensity
(0-120000) cd
High beam optical axis offset
Vertical direction:up  2°30 '-down3°    Horizontal direction:left  3°-right3°
LOW beam optical axisoffset
Vertical direction:up  2°30 '-down3°    Horizontal direction:left  3°-right3°
Headlight height
(350-1400) mm
Luminous intensity

When the optical axis offset (angle) is zero,indication error ≦ ±10% (relative error)

When the opticl axis offset value (angle) is any value within the verification range,indication error ≦ ±12%“

High beam optical axis offset

Indication error;no more than ±3.2cn/dam (±10')

Difference between indications;no more than ±3.2cn/dam (±10')

Low beam optical axisoffset
Indication error;no more than ±3.2cn/dam (±10')
Lamp height
Indication error;no more than ±10mm
Environmental temperature
(-10~40) ℃
Power supply
800*670*1700mm  (length*width*height)
About 100kg
For more details, please feel free to contact our sales: sales@gasanalyzer.com.cn.
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