Type: Ultrasonic Gas Meter Module

Model No.:USM Series

Ultrasonic Gas Meter Module G2.5-G4 uses a pair of ultrasonic gas transducers that installed oppositely at upstream and downstream, based on TOF (Time of Speed) principle to measure flow velocity of gas medium, with built-in temperature and smart software algorithm, consumed gas volume can be calculated and displayed on meter’s screen.
PCI patented L shape gas flow channel, the effective distance between two transducers are longer, which facilitates the measurement accuracy, it's also anti-contamination that guarantees long-term stability of accuracy.

• Patented L-shape structure based on ultrasonic technology
• Anti-contamination, stable flow field distribution, long-term stability of accuracy
• Class 1.5 accuracy with intelligent software algorithm for air, 100% CH4, H1 and different natural gases
• No moving parts, no mechanical wear that leads to degradation of accuracy
• Low pressure loss due to absence of obstructing objects within flow path
• Low power consumption
• UART/TTL interface with direct output for easy integration
• Small size which permits compact designs
• In-house clean production
• Compliant to OIML R137 and MID

  Gas sensor module specifications

• Residential Gas Meter
• Natural Gas Meter
• Smart Gas Meter
• Wireless Gas Meter
• Digital Gas Meter
• Domestic Gas Meter
• Home Gas Meter
• House Gas Meter
• Household Gas Meter

gas meter module installation
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