Type: Boiler Emission Monitoring System(Basic Rev.)

Model No.:Gasboard-9082

  Based on long-life ECD technology and NIDR gas analysis technology, equipped with integrated, automated sampling and pre-processing unit and control unit, Gasboard-9082 can simultaneously measure the gas concentration of NO, SO2, O2, CO and CO2 in flue gas. It conforms to the methodologies and design features as outlined by national and local environmental protection departments.

   Multi-stage dust removal and dehumidification for stable performance
   Pre-treatment system with built-in flow meter, filter, cooler to process the sample gas to ensure the reliability of the analysis system
   Easy operation
   Auto sampling, drainage, fault handing to achieve 24 hours unattended
   The measurement range is as low as 100mg/m3, meeting national environmental protection standards and ultra-low emission monitoring needs
   Data can be transmitted to the upper centralized control system through RS-232 or RS-485, 4-20mA output interface, providing real-time basis for remote monitoring and process adjustment;
   Sound and light alarm output (optional sound and light alarm), timely remind faults and super-discharge information

  Boiler emission gas monitoring, low-nitrogen reform environmental monitoring, energy efficiency monitoring, nitrogen oxide concentration monitoring in low-nitrogen burner exhaust, nitrogen oxide monitoring in exhaust gas from VOCs treatment project of combustion method.