Type: Online Infrared Flue Gas Analyzer

Model No.:Gasboard-3000

It is fixed type model can continuous monitor concentration of SO2, CO2, O2 , NO and CO components in the flue gases for longtime. It is based on the micro-flow infrared method for SO2 ,NO ,CO ,CO2.This model is fixed type can  sample gas for longtime. This model is designed as 19 inch enclosure physical dimension to easy install.

• Adopting micro-flow NDIR gas sensor technology.
• Gaseous water had no effect on measured value of SO2 and NO.
• Sampling flow rate fluctuations had no effect on the measurement results.
• Accurate measurement of low concentration gas.
• Simple operation.
• LCD (320*240) display.
• Digital and analog signal output.
• Diagnostic function can check sensor status.
• Built-in pump to achieve automatic zeroing.
• Real-time continuous monitoring concentration of SO2, NO, CO, CO2, O2, measurement component is optional.

Boiler, furnace exhaust emission gas and combustion efficiency monitoring, cement production line process and security monitoring, Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS).