Type: Portable Infrared Biogas Analyzer

Model No.:Gasboard-3200L

Gasboard-3200L portable biogas analyzer is designed to measure CH4, CO2, H2S and O2 concentration simultaneously in different biogas applications, like landfill, water treatment, CDM projects, anaerobic digestion and other fermentation processes, based on NDIR technology for CH4, CO2 gases, ECD technology for H2S and O2 gases. This model can be powered by lithium battery ensure easy carrying among different measuring points.

• Measures CO2, CH4, O2, H2S gases with customized measure range
• Modular sensor design ensures easy on operation and maintenance
• Self-developed gas conditioning device to remove vapor and dust in biogas for analyzer’s protection in long term operation
• Built in rechargeable lithium battery for easy carrying
• Stores and downloads readings available.

Landfill, water treatment, CDM project ,anaerobic digestion and other fermentation processes.