Type: Online H2S Gas Analyzer

Model No.:Gasboard-3000UV

Gasboard-3000UV online high & low H2S gas analyzer is designed with advanced UV DOAS technology for H2S , to real-time online measure H2S component in different biogas applications, like landfill, water treatment, CDM projects, anaerobic digestion and other fermentation processes.

• Adopting UV DOAS gas sensor technology.
• Long life, stable performance, can replace the traditional ECD technology
• Through equipment integration, one instrument can measure the concentration of hydrogen sulfide before and after desulfurization .
• Automatic zeroing function.
• Backlit LCD display.
• RS-232 digital output and 4-20mA analog output.
• Measures H2S gas, low range: (0~500) ppm; high range: (0~5000) ppm. Measurement range can be customized
• Strong corrosion resistance

Landfill, waste water treatment, biomethane production, CDM project, anaerobic digestion and other fermentation processes.