Type: Non-road machinery/diesel vehicle exhaust smoke detection system

Model No.:Standard version

The non-road machinery/diesel vehicle exhaust smoke detection system (standard version) is equipped with transmission type smoke meter, engine tachometer, environmental parameter tester, data interaction module, router, sampling probe, high-strength chassis, tablet computer and professional non-road testing software, with optional oil temperature sensor, video camera and printer. 
This exhaust smoke detection system can measure the exhaust smoke, engine rpm, ambient temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure and other parameters of diesel engine vehicles; Opacity smoke meter is integrated high-capacity battery. Portable design can realize on-vehicle measurement and real-time grasp of the emission level under actual working conditions. 
The smoke detection process is highly automatic and not restricted by site and environmental conditions, greatly shortening the single engine/vehicle detection time, and improving road inspections/sampling inspections/enterprise supervision efficiency. 
Meet the requirements of GB 3847-2018 "Diesel vehicle pollutant emission limits and measurement methods (free acceleration method and loading deceleration method)"
Meet the requirements of GB 36886-2018 "Non-road mobile diesel machinery exhaust smoke limit and measurement method"

 Output testing parameters both opacity N value and light absorption coefficient K value simultaneously
 Realize the testing data store and querying
Transmission type smoke meter integrates high-capacity battery, and optional external power supply for online use
 Tachometer and environmental parameter tester adopts integrated design with built-in high-capacity battery
 Realize exhaust opacity real time measurement under free acceleration conditions
 Optional video shooting module to realize electronic video forensics of law enforcement detection process

Item Measurement Range Resolution Precision
Opacity Degree
N value
(0~99.99)% 0.1% ±2.0%
Light Absorption Coefficient
K value
(0~16)m-1 0.01m-1 ±2.0%
Speed 400~6000 rpm 1rpm 1±0rpm or ±1%
Temperature -20~60℃ 0.1℃ ±4%(relative error) or ±0.5℃(absolute error)
Relative Humidity 5%~99%RH 0.1%RH ±5% (relative error) or ±3%RH (absolute error)
Ambient Pressure 70kPa~106kPa 0.01kPa ±5% (relative error) or ±2kPa (absolute error)
Oil temperature (0~200)℃ 1℃ ±5°C (absolute error)