Type: Non-road machinery/diesel vehicle exhaust smoke detection system

Model No.:Stand-alone version

The non-road machinery/diesel vehicle exhaust smoke detection system (stand-alone version) is equipped with transmission type smoke meter, display and sampling probe, and optional built-in printer can be used to measure the exhaust smoke of the engine/diesel vehicle; Portable design can realize on-vehicle measurement and real-time grasp of the emission level under actual working conditions.
The smoke detection process is highly automatic and not restricted by site and environmental conditions, greatly shortening the single engine/vehicle detection time, and improving road inspections/sampling inspections/enterprise supervision efficiency.
Meet the requirements of GB 3847-2018 "Diesel vehicle pollutant emission limits and measurement methods (free acceleration method and loading deceleration method"
Meet the requirements of GB 36886-2018 "Non-road mobile diesel machinery exhaust smoke limit and measurement method"

 Output testing parameters both opacity N value and light absorption coefficient K value simultaneously
 Constant temperature control in testing room, not affected by moisture
 With automatic zeroing function
 Reserve oil temperature sensor and engine tachometer connection interface
 Optional built-in printer

Basis specifications
Measurement Indicator/
Measurement Range
Opacity degree N value: (0~99.99)%;
Light absorption coefficient K value:(0~16)m-1
Resolution N:0.1%; K:0.01m-1
Error ±2.0%
Electrical parameters
Communication RS-232/RS-485 digital output and print interface
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz