Type: Portable Emission Measurement System(PEMS)

Model No.:Gasboard-9805

Gasboard-9805 is a portable emission measurement system developed based on Cubic Ruiyi self-developed core gas analysis technology, measures the concentration of CO, CO2, NO, and NO2 in exhaust gases, and particulate matter, emission flow, GPS data, ambient temperature and humidity, pressure measurement, as well as automatic calculation of total emissions.
The system is modular design with built-in battery(more than 4 hours battery lifetime). Infrared NDIR technology for CO and CO2 concentration measurement and ultraviolet UV-DOAS technology for direct measurement of NO and NO2 concentration.Free maintenance.Widely applied for on-load emission testing requirements of non-road machinery.

· Self-developed core gas analysis technology. Infrared NDIR technology measures CO and CO2;UV-DOAS technology simultaneously measures NO and NO2 with high accuracy, no need for NOx converter and free maintenance.
· Simple operation and usage. Easy operation;support test process guidance;test result storage and report generation functions.
· Modular design, flexible to use. Both of the GAS and PN modules can be used separately to meet different measurement request.
· Strong endurance, meets on-vehicle test requirements. More than 4 hours battery lifetime of the built-in battery. No external battery needed. Supports a complete actual driving pollutant emission test.
· Excellent performance; Meets national standard requirements. Comply with the "Limits and Measurement Methods of Pollutant Emissions from Diesel Engines for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (China Phase 3 and 4)" (GB 20891-2014) and "Technical Requirements for Control of Pollutant Emissions from Non-Road Diesel Mobile Machinery" (HJ1014-2020) standard requirements.
· Great environmental adaptability. Great environmental adaptability, not affected by vehicle vibration, heavy pressure, ambient temperature and humidity change.

Performance parameter
 Measurement range  CO:0~10%
 Resolution  CO,CO2:0.01%
 Precision  ≤1%F.S.
 Accuracy <±2% of reading or ±0.3% F.S., whichever is greater
Sensor response time T10-90 <2.5s
System response time T0-90  ≤10s
Zero drift (4 hours)  CO:≤±50ppm
 Span drift (4 hours) CO: ≤2% of reading or ≤±50ppm, whichever is greater
CO2: ≤2% of reading or ±0.1%, whichever is greater
NO, NO2: ≤2% reading or ≤5ppm, whichever is greater
PN Measurement Module  Measurement range  600~1.3*10^9#/cm3
Particle size range  23nm~2500nm
Rise time T10-90  ≤3s
Discharge Flow Meter  Range  10~600kg/h; 100~2000kg/h;200~4000kg/h
Discharge temperature  -5~500℃
 Accuracy  <(±2% reading)or(±0.5%F.S.)
 or (±1.0% of the maximum flow rate of the calibrated EFM) whichever is greater
 Precision  <1%F.S.
 Linearity  |Xmin*a1-1+a0|≤3%max, slope a1:0.97~1.03,
Standard deviation SEE≤2%max,
determination coefficient r2≥0.990
 Rise time T10-90  <1s
 Response time  <3s
Performance parameter
Working environment temperature  (-10~45)℃
Power supply 24V, maximum power consumption 240W
Connection signal
Communication  RS485,WIFI,RJ-45 Ethernet