Type: Engine Exhaust Measurement System

Model No.:Gasboard-9801

The Engine Exhaust Measurement System Gasboard-9801 combines high-precision hydrogen flame ionization detection technology (HFID), UV-DOAS gas analysis technology, non-dispersive infrared technology (NDIR) and long-lifetime electrochemical sensor technology(ECD).Simultaneously measures THC, NOx, CO, CO2, O2 and other emission gas volume concentration. Gasboard-9801 provides complete automobile emission measurement solution for diesel engine manufacturers, mobile machinery manufacturers, relevant scientific research departments and testing institutions who detects and analyzes the engine exhaust pollutants, to meet the increasingly stringent and flexible changeable emission limits request.

▪ Simultaneously measure THC, NOx, CO, CO2, O2 gases, the particulate matter measurement module could be added.
▪ Directly measure NOx concentration by ultraviolet differential absorption spectroscopy gas analysis technology (UV-DOAS). No NOx converter needed, and free maintenance.
▪ Built-in keyboard, integrated design, easy operation
▪ Simple operation, support automatic calculation and display for specific emissions (emissions per transport unit) of engine exhaust pollutants
▪ Measure THC concentration by high-precision HFID technology
▪ High measurement accuracy

Gas Measurement Range Resolution Error
THC 0-5000ppm 1ppm ≤2% of reading or ≤0.3% F. S.
NOX 0-1000ppm
(NO: 0-1000ppm; NO2: 0-1000ppm)
1ppm ≤2% of reading or ≤0.3% F. S.
CO L: 0~1000ppm H:0~10% 1ppm,0.01% ≤2% of reading or ≤0.3% F. S.
CO2 0-20% 0.01% ≤2% of reading or ≤0.3% F. S.
O2 0-25% 0.01% ≤2% of reading or ≤0.3% F. S.

▪ Engine exhaust measurement
▪ Engine type certification and production consistency inspection
▪ Marine engine exhaust measurement
▪ Non-road heavy engine exhaust measurement