Type: NDIR Gas Bench

Model No.:Gasboard-2000

Gasboard-2000 is a NDIR gas bench for measuring exhaust gases from gasoline, petrol, alcohol or LPG engines. It is designed based on dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle for measuring CO, CO2, HC gases.

•   Simultaneous measuring CO, CO2, HC.
•   Selection of fuels: petro, LPG, Natural Gas, alcohol.
•   Selection of C3-C6 factor.
•   Good accuracy,  stable performance.
•   Reserved pressure sensors for leakage test, air pressure measurement.
•   Reserved NO and O2 sensor interfaces.
•   Reserved oil temp. and RPM sensor interfaces.
•   Complete communication protocol  for software developing.
•   Small Size, light weight and easy integration.

J1( Power):DC12V power supply interface
J5 RS232 communication interface (can choose either one between
RS232 and RS485, default one is RS232)
J16 :Peripheral I/O extension port (reserved 8 channels I/O)
J17: RPM socket
J9: O2 sensor socket
J8: NO sensor socket
J14: Oil temperature socket
J12: Reserved ADC socket