Type: NDUV Gas bench

Model No.:Gasboard-2300

The NDUV gas bench Gasboard-2300 series of sensors uses non-dispersive ultraviolet absorption (NDUV) technology and a highly stable pulsed LED UV source. In pulse mode, the UV beam passes through the measurement chamber and is absorbed & attenuated. The measured gas concentration can be calculated according to Lambert-Beer law. Different from the UV differential method, our NDUV gas bench can accurately measure the gas concentration of SO2, NO, NO2, H2S, O3, with high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference.

High stability pulsed LED ultraviolet light source
Dual channel design for high precision
Suitable for ultra-low range monitoring
Direct measurement of NO2 without NOx converter
In-built constant temperature heating device
Automatic temperature and pressure correction
Modular design for easy integration & maintenance

Ultra-low emission flue gas detection
Motor vehicle exhaust emission test
Chemical plant gas concentration measurement
Combustion boiler emission gas measurement
Industrial wastewater treatment gas monitoring
Biogas project purification, monitoring before and after desulfurization
Industrial process gas monitoring
Gas Analyzer / System Integration