Type: NOx Gas Bench for Engine Emission

Model No.:Gasboard-2201

Based on high-precision ultraviolet differential absorption spectroscopy gas analysis principle( UV-DOAS), our Gasboard-2201 NOx bench adopts flashing xenon lamp as light source. When the light is transmitted in the measured gas, the intensity of the differential absorption characteristic produced by each molecule in the gas in different bands is used to derive the gas concentration & type. Based on the special design and  a unique algorithm, the long path is returned to the gas chamber multiple times, the NOx bench detector can get strong absorption signal to support high sensitivity. With the advantages such as long service life and good stability, it can accurately measure the engine emission gas concentration of NO, NO2 and conforms the national standard GB 3847 and GB 18285 detection requirements.

Advanced UV DOAS working principle for ultra low range monitoring
Direct measurement of NO, NO2,NO need of NOx converter
High measurement accuracy
Good stability, strong anti-interference, not affected by moisture & vibration
Sensor modular design, easy to integrate & maintenance
Automatic temperature and pressure compensation

Motor vehicle exhaust emission test
Non-road diesel engine emission test
Small general purpose engine emissions detection
Production consistency test and emission test
Type Approval for Mobile Machinery Diesel Engines