Type: NDIR Gas Modules

Model No.:Gasboard-2108

Cubic-Ruiyi Gas Modules Gasboard-2108 series is suitable for automobile exhaust emission monitoring and environmental monitoring, meeting gasoline vehicles emission measurement standard of GB 18285-2018.

Adopting the high-precision dual-beam infrared gas analysis technology of independent intellectual property rights to measure the concentration of CO, CO2, and HC, and the international PCT patent (PCT/CN2018100767) micro-flow infrared dual-gas chamber technology to measure the concentration of NO, the Gasboard-2108 has good anti-interference and high accuracy performance.

Infrared dual-gas chamber technology is an advanced measurement methods. The measured gas and the reference gas are in separate two chambers. When the infrared light source irradiates the measured gas and the reference gas respectively, the signal waveform formed by detector is passed through the signal processing system to obtain the measured gas concentration through the ratio value.

Adopt high-precision dual-beam NDIR and micro-flow NDIR sensor technology
The microfluidic NDIR module adopts a semi-air chamber design with high accuracy
Automatic constant temperature heating, temperature and pressure correction
Sensor modular design, easy to integrate

Gas type Measuring range Allowable error of indication
Absolute error Relative error
HC (0~2000)ppm ±4ppm ±3%
CO (0.00~5.00)% ±0.02% ±3%
CO2 (0.0~16.00)% ±0.3% ±3%
NO (0~4000)ppm ±25ppm ±4%
Notes: it can meet either absolute error or relative error listed in the table
Resolution HC/NO:1ppm;CO2:0.01%;CO:0.001%
Repeatability ±1%FS
Stability <±2%FS/24h
Response time HC/CO/CO2:T90≤3.5s;NO:T90≤4.5s
Communication Standard modbus protocol (protocol can be customized)

Motor vehicle exhaust emission detection, gas analyzer/system integration